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The Institute of Electrical Engineers of JapanIEE Outline

The Illuminating Engineering Institute of JapanIEIJ Outline

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication EngineersIEICE Outline

The Institute of Image Information and Television EngineersITE Outline

Information Processing Society of JapanIPSJ Outline


The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ) was established in 1888, and it is the scientific organization where the electrical engineers make the "Peer Review" to perform the social contribution through the various kinds of academic activities. This over hundreds-year historical institute is still promote the innovation to improve the various kinds of R&D activities in the societies basis.
The number of personal members is about 26,000 and the members are including the professors, researchers, engineers of the front lines of each field and students, etc.
In accordance with the diversification of electrical technology application field, five(5) societies were provided in our IEEJ to meet to the individual activity since 1991. The 5 societies are the "Fundamentals and Materials", "Power and Energy", "Electronics, Information and Systems", "Industry Applications" and "Sensors and Micro-machines" at present (2005).
The IEEJ will keep efforts to widely contribute to the society through from the academic R&D to the following industrialization applications in the global point of view.  return to top

The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan
The IEI-J has contributed to the development of science and technology on light and lighting, and to the dissemination of their fruits to society, ever since the IEI-J was founded in 1916.
The IEI-J currently implements studies, information exchanges and research aids in a wide range of fields of light and vision, light source and luminaire, lighting design, luminous environment of architecture and urban lighting, transportation lighting, application of light radiation, optoelectronics, and lighting application for bionics. 
These activities are not confined in academic area. The IEI-J, taking up practical themes, disseminates actual knowledge and skill, and fosters lighting consultants.
The IEI-J has promoted internationalization, making a cooperation agreement with the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, the China Illuminating Engineering Society and the Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers, and currently uploading on internet web site a electronic periodical that was converted from the English journal published and distributed to various overseas organizations over the past quarter century.

Since the IEI-J is making progress in response to the rapid changes, including internationalization and informatization, in the world's international societies, how about if you roam through the IEI-J homepage, which fosters human resources for building a new era in lighting world.   return to top

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
The IEICE was established in May, 1917, mark its 85th anniversary in 2002. Being known internationally as one of the world's leading academic institutions in this area, the IEICE aims at the investigation and exchange of knowledge on the science and technology of electronics, information and communications, and contributes to the progress of technologies and to the development of industries. We started four Societies and one Group in April, 1995.
Presently, the Institute has more than 36,000 affiliated members. The Members of the Institute elect officers (President. Vice Presidents. Directors and Auditors) who administer the Institute. as well as more than 20 Council Members. return to top

The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
Since its inception in 1950 as the Institute of Television Engineers, the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers (ITE) has undertaken activities aimed at contributing to the progress and promulgation of scientific principles and technologies related to image information.  “Image Information Media” refers not only to the electronic media that will support the ubiquitous society, but to a wide range of academic fields, technologies, and specific contents.  The members of ITE thus represent extremely diverse fields as well, with some at universities and research institutes conducting fundamental academic research in specialized fields, and others involved in development operations for manufacturers and broadcasters, or in charge of on-site technical operations.  As an institute handling some of the world’s most advanced technologies, ITE is working to expand its activities on a global scale, for example by promoting exchanges through overseas academic associations and annual conferences.  The goal of ITE is to contribute not only to exchanges among its own members, but to contribute to society at large as a group of specialists in the field of Image Information.  return to top

Information Processing Society of Japan
Founded in April 1960, the IPSJ, Information Processing Society of Japan, has been a leading authority in technical areas of information processing and computer science for professionals and students. IPSJ will provide a leadership for sound evolution of the computer science and technology in an increasingly computerized society and will contribute to creation of new ideas to cope with the accountability for evolving information technology. Through its authoritative publications, conferences, and other activities, the IPSJ will play a critical role in the world for the global prosperity.return to top